About Us

Doris & I were married in 1958, members of the East Lake Church, Chula Vista; we have three adult children, and five grandchildren, we have always believed in marriage, family values, and family traditions. When we eat together as a family, or as family and friends our relationships are strengthened, and the bonds of friendship are reinforced.

Conversations during the meal provide opportunities for the family to bond, plan, connect, and learn from one another; it also fosters warmth, security and love, as well as feelings of belonging. Your happiness is strongly tied to having close and satisfying relationship with your spouse, your family, and friends.

Families traditions help create a sense of identity, and a feeling of belonging, they also create a feeling of safety and security within the family by providing a predictable and familiar experience that your family has to look forward to. It helps unite each other, and as a result each family member has a strong sense of belonging, and family ties are strengthened.

Children in particular need something to look forward to as it gives them a sense of assurance, and it provides the parents an opportunity to teach principles, family values, and a commitment to God. In today's world family bonds are often weakened by busy lifestyles, and like most things when neglected, they tend to die.

When we weave ceremonies, celebrations, and traditions throughout our children's days, we give them a feeling of predictability, a comforting connection with home and family; a sense of intimate family celebrations help us slow down; we become fully into the present moment, and escape the frenzy of the world "out there."